Daily Archives: January 19, 2013

Welcome back!

Welcome back, Lambdalites! 

We hope the new semester is treating you all very well! Lambda Alliance will start back up soon, and we are looking forward to seeing new and old faces this spring semester!  If you are new, feel free to add us on Facebook and TwitterThere are also Lambda Alliance office hours in Memorial Hall if you ever want to stop by, and be sure to check out the LGBT Resource Center for a wonderful safe space! 

To start us off, Lambda Alliance will be holding its welcome back meeting the 28th of January in Tate 141, from 5:30 until 6:30 p.m.  There will be food, music, and, as always, lots of fabulous good cheer.  If you would like more information, please visit the Facebook Event Page for upcoming posts. We hope to see you there!

 Here’s a tentative line-up for the coming months:

January 28- Welcome Back!
February 4- Coming Out: Stories and Fellowship 
February 11- Speed Dating: Valentine’s Edition 
February 12- Queer Q&A Panel
February 18- I Want It That Way: Relationship Remix
February 25- Queer Poetry Slam
March 4- Change the Channel: Queer Representation in the Media” 
March 18- Lambda Alliance’s Drag Race
March 21- God Save the Kings and Queens Drag Show
March 25- The More You Know: AIDS and Sexual Health
April 1- Trans* Crash Course
April 4- Sexual Fluidity
April 8- Check Your Privilege
April 18- Marriage on Tate event
April 22- Gay for Pay: Queer Careers
April 29- Sashay Away- An End of the Year Celebration

 Hope you all can make it out! Happy Spring Semester!